Thinking about your next trip overseas? Check out our Top 5 destinations for adventure lovers!


1. Norway

Close to the Arctic Circle, Norway offers great opportunities for both winter and summer activities. Known for its nearly endless coastline of fjords, snow-capped mountains,  and being home to the Vikings, Norway has a wide array of outdoor adventures from which to choose.

For winter travelers, you can try downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, tobogganing, dog sledding, ice skating, and ice climbing.

In the summer one can go fishing, hiking, cycling, hunting, mountaineering, trekking, and rock climbing.

If you’re visiting during the summer and want to play in the water, Norway’s fjords are perfect for sailing, diving, and canoeing; or, if you’re looking for a really unique experience, try swimming with killer whales!


2. New Zealand

New Zealand, thought of by many as one of the most beautiful countries in the world is a fantastic destination for any adventure lover. While the country may be small, it boasts some incredible features, including majestic mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, and beaches. If you’re visiting over summer, the coastline offers surfing, kayaking, and wake boarding. New Zealand also offers some premier locations for scuba diving, such as The Poor Knights, Bay of Islands, Fiordland and Stewart Island, which are excellent for both new and experienced divers.

If you’re looking for something drier, the South Island is full of hiking trails, rock climbing, mountain biking, and mountaineering. If you’re feeling up for it, you can even book a helicopter ride to either one of the major glaciers (Fox Glacier or Franz Joseph Glacier) to explore ice caves and hike the frozen landscape.

A must-see activity for those wanting a unique experience can be found in the Waitomo Caves where you can black water raft through glowworm-lit caverns.


3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an oasis of wildlife. 4×4 driving, bungee jumping, waterfall rappelling , whitewater rafting, and zip-lining through the rain forest are just a few of the activities available.

The base of Arenal volcano is an outdoor playground. You can take a tour through the rain forest ending with a night-time view of active lava boiling at the top of the volcano or, if you want to relax after a long day of hiking, you can rest in volcano’s the thermal hot springs. There are tons of water sports and is a great spot for surfers with waves of 4 to 10 feet during the wet season and 3 to 8 feet in the dry season.


4. Nepal

Home to the Himalayas, Nepal is a great place for nature lovers. Featuring the tallest mountain peaks in the world including Mt. Everest, visiting Nepal is great for both mountain sports and immersing yourself in a vibrant. and unique, culture.

While visiting, you can go hiking, mountain biking, rafting and paragliding. Nepal’s wildlife is extraordinary with national parks and game reserves that offer 4×4 safaris and elephant rides to see Bengal tigers, rhinos, crocodiles and an variety of birds and butterflies.

If you’re looking for a bit more immersion, treks such as Tamang Heritage Trail, Indigenous Peoples Trail, the Numbur Cheese Circuit and many others will allow you to experience the Nepalese and Tibetan culture.


5. Canada

The province of British Columbia in Canada is a hot spot for outdoor adventure and activities. Known as the adventurer’s Eden, British Columbia has spectacular views and every activity an outdoor lover could want.

B.C. is best known for its winter sports and is home to Whistler Blackcomb, the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics. So gear up for tons of skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing if you’re looking for a great winter destination.

During the summer the mountains are still a great place to visit and offer climbing, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, backpacking, fishing, white water rafting, camping, and heli-tours. You can also head to the coast for whale watching, diving, and surfing, or hit the the lakes of the Shuswap for kayaking, canoeing, fly fishing, and sailing.

While it should go without saying that this list is not exhaustive, there are a two ‘honorable mentions’ that I had to include: Patagonia and the United States.

Comprising the bottom section of South America, including parts of Argentina and Chile, the Patagonia region is an outdoor lover’s dream with steep peaks, beautiful lakes, and some of the most majestic views on earth. If you don’t believe me, just check out Google images and you’ll see what I mean.

The United States, on the other hand, holds some of the worlds best national parks and such a wide range of ecosystems, you could visit everything from forests, beaches, and deserts all in a single state. If you are looking for some outdoor adventure, I’d recommend starting with Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, or Colorado to name just  a few places to start your search.